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Know Our History

The company ADS POST PLY was founded in January 2012, being the first specialized company in Social Medias, Advertising, and Strategic Marketing. Our operational and development base is located in one of the most traditional commercial buildings in Singapore. With the implementation of two major markets, we began an intelligent and sustainable commissioning system, where we offer the opportunity of financial and social transformation to our associates. Through our products, we can deliver real results, with precise segmentations, low cost and great cost X benefit to our customers and partners. We hold a database of about four million active customers, which are located in more than forty countries around the world.


    We have absolute confidentiality towards our customer portfolio.


    Guaranteed return, or your money back, in all products.


    You can count on an experienced team to help you get the best results.


Social Media Marketing Aggregator

Through our intelligent system
of SMMA, we provide the exchange of
actions in today’s main and most
important social media.


    We are the largest company active in the market of social promotion.


    We have 4 mi. active users in our social aggregators.


    We count on various payment methods that are completely safe.


Revenue in the palm of consumers, store locators, and even selling apartments by phone. Apps for smartphone appear as an opportunity for companies that want to be present in the life of the increasingly connected customer, increasingly showing results and being successful in the marketing strategy of big brands. While the App is used by its customers, the company has the opportunity to analyze the public, generating perceptions, extracting new ideas, and improving the service according to the usability. The metrics made while consumers use the App guide the business towards growth because of the improvement, generating more results and more interactivity with the public.


Starting from the financial issue, a company on the internet, complete and well-administered, adds value and brings more visibility for a company. While the volume of local advertising of a physical store exceeds a website up to 5000%, the geographical matter will always limit the power of sale of a physical store. On the other hand, the website puts your business inside the house of each customer, with an incomparably more accessible price, and nothing can change that reality brought by the information age. Consider that today a person can see offers and products from their smartphone device or computer, that makes having a website crucial to the success of a business.


Maintaining a diet rich in nutrients that guarantee the required amount of carbohydrates, protein, minerals and vitamins is a challenge for most people who work, study or practice physical activities. The lack of time to prepare their own food leads to food consumption in restaurants or fast foods, where it is not possible to control the menu well. Another problem is the difficulty to eat in a fractioned matter, every 3 hours. The body expresses the nutritional deficiencies through physical exhaustion, lack of memory, hair loss, fluid retention, lack of energy, low immunity and many other health problems. The ADSPLY brings to the market a complete line of high standard and quality, with products that are allies of your health and well-being.

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